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The Final Year Project is a major component of the undergraduate degree course in UniKL-BMI. The main objective is to develop problem solving, analysis, synthesis and evaluation skills in Engineering field. While working on the project, the students would also be able to develop personal and social skills through various means such as communicating with expert from industries, discussion with supervisor/lecturer and colleagues, self-learning, problem solving, report writing, oral presentation, time management, self-confidence and team-work.

The evaluation of the Final Year Project indirectly provides the students with training in technical and communication skills. These challenges are set to prepare the students to become a good and capable engineer with the ability to solve engineering problems in practice.

For semester S1' 15, we have 440 projects : 

  • 104 Engineering Design projects
  • 81 Diploma projects
  • 153 Degree Sem 1 projects
  • 134 Degree Sem 2 projects

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