FYP Final Report Submission 2020

1. FYP Final Report submission is only applicable to FYP Degree Sem 2 and Diploma students only.
All Degree Sem 2 and Diploma students must fill up, sign the relevant section and get supervisor and FYP Coordinator approval signature for the following forms at the time of submission:-

Note that for FYP Diploma students, you must complete above-mentioned forms individually although the FYP project was conducted in a group of two.

2. All FYP 2 and Diploma students should contact and submit the following listed items to the printing company (as stated during the presentation); including to complete the cost of thesis printing and binding latest by 18th of November, 2020. Failure to submit the FYP Final Report before or on 18th November, 2020 will cause the FYP Final Report mark be reduced by 30%. The following items must be included:

  • a) FYP Final Report/Thesis (pdf format)
  • b) *Project Submission Form
  • c) *Copyright page 2017
  • d) *Submission Metadata Form 2017
  • e) *Turnitin Report for each chapter or overall report (make sure it is < 20%). Print the 1st page (consisting of your title and name) and last page (similarity report) * Attach the forms & plagiarism report on the last Appendix in the FYP Final Report/Thesis.

3. All FYP 2 and Diploma students should upload all of the following listed items to FYP Website by 30th of November, 2020.

  • a. **FYP Technical Paper (pdf format eg. TR-StudentID.pdf)
  • b. **FYP Technical Paper (docx format eg. TR-StudentID.docx)
  • c. FYP Final Report (pdf format: eg. FR-StudentID.pdf)
  • d. FYP Abstract (txt format eg. A-StudentID.txt)
  • ** Do not bind the technical paper in the FYP Final Repor.Submit it as separate forms.

4. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the FYP Committees has decided that the FYP hardcover report will filed, indexed and made available by the FYP Committees for reference by both academic staff and students. All project hardcopies would be sent to the library regardless of the grade. This will provide opportunities for students to improve on the projects. All project softcopies will also be made available online for quick references by staff and students .



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