FYP Final Report Submission Semester January 2017

Friday, 7 July, 2017
FYP Final Report submission is only applicable to FYP Degree Sem 2 and Diploma students only.
All Degree Sem 2 and Diploma students must fill up, sign the relevant section and get supervisor and FYP Coordinator approval signature for the following forms at the time of submission:-

Note that for FYP Diploma students, you must complete individually although the FYP project was conducted in a group of two.Before 5 PM by 14th July 2017, student should submit the listed items to the Resource Centre of UniKL BMI:

  • 1) Project Submission Form
  • 2) Turnitin Report for each chapter (make sure it is < 30%). Example: 'Example of Turninit report per chapter'.
  • 3) Copyright Declaration Form
  • 4) Submission of Metadata Form.
  • 6) A CD that consists of Your FYP project documents such as:-
    • FYP Abstract (txt format eg. A-StudentID.txt)
    • A picture representing the project (jpg format eg. Pic-StudentID.jpg)
    • FYP Poster (jpg format eg. Pos-StudentID.jpg)
    • Final Report (pdf format: eg. FR-StudentID.pdf)
    • 2-3 minutes Video of project (flv format eg. V-StudentID.flv)
    • ProgramS / Schematic (rar format eg. PS-StudentID.rar)

Students are advised to upload the above contents of the FYP project documents in FYP Website before going to the Resource Centre for the FYP Final Report Submission.

Project supervisor shall verify the content of the files submitted by his/her student. After getting the signature from supervisor, students should submit the submission form and the hard cover copy of the report to the Resource Centre for submission.

Failure to submit the FYP Final Report after 14th July 2017 to the Resource Centre will cause the FYP Final Report mark be reduced by 30%. Librarian will get the students name for those who had submitted later than 14th July 2017.

The FYP hardcover report will filed, indexed and made available for reference by both academic staff and students. All project hardcopies would be sent to the library regardless of the grade. This will provide opportunities for students to improve on the projects. All project softcopies will also be made available online for quick references by staff and students.

Please refer to the following FYP Final Briefing slides so that you will not missed out any important information:




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